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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online and Nationwide Resources

Online students living in the Columbia, Missouri area can access many of the resources available to Main Campus Evening  students.

ID Cards

If a student lives within close proximity to a Columbia College campus, they can visit the campus to obtain a Student ID Card.

Columbia College IDs can be made for students who do not reside near a Columbia College campus. Student must first be authenticated. Student should contact their campus for more information about the authentication process.

Once authenticated, a request for an ID must be submitted by the student from their CougarMail account to ccidrequest@ccis.edu. Students are required to provide their name, their Columbia College ID number, their current mailing address, a copy of a government issued photo ID, and a head shot similar to a driver’s license photo in their email request. The photo must be taken of shoulders up, against a plain background, without hats, scarves, sunglasses or other head gear with the exception of religious reasons. Glamour shots and self-taken photos are not acceptable.

Contact your campus or the Student Affairs Office at (573) 875-7400 or studentaffairs@ccis.edu for more information.

Online Tutoring Services, Writing Center & Math Center

Online and Nationwide students are provided free online tutoring services in math and English through Smarthinking. With Smarthinking, students experience online tutoring that is simple, fast and always available. Students connect to live educators from any computer that has Internet access, with no special software installation or equipment required. Smarthinking provides online tutoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling students to get the help they need when they need it.

The Elizabeth Toomey Seabrook Writing Center, located on the main campus in Columbia, Missouri, provides free educational support services to help Columbia-area students develop and maintain writing skills needed for academic success. These services are offered by appointment to current students who can come to the center for face-to-face writing consultations. Students can get help with:

  • Brainstorming ideas and developing a thesis
  • Adding depth to analysis and organizing an essay
  • Revising and editing
  • Avoiding plagiarism and mastering various citation styles

Click here for Writing Center hours and essay writing assistance. For more information, contact Kate Denehy at (573) 875-7614 or mcdenehy@ccis.edu.

Professional and peer tutors are also available to enhance student learning experiences in various academic disciplines, such as accounting and finance, American Sign Language, computer information systems, and the sciences. This free service is available to students in the Columbia, Missouri, area who are enrolled in tutor-supported courses and available to come in person for group tutoring sessions. Tutors are available on a walk-in basis at a variety of times each week to help students with the following tasks:

  • Understanding concepts and productively reviewing notes
  • Working problems
  • Preparing for quizzes and exams

To view the current tutoring schedule, click here. For more information, contact Tom Stearns at (573) 875-7616 or tmstearns@ccis.edu.

The Ether L. Bruce Math Center, located on the main campus in Columbia, Missouri, provides free educational support to students enrolled for credit in mathematics courses offered through Columbia College who can come into the Center for in-person tutoring.  Drop-in tutoring is provided for all mathematics courses numbered below 300, including Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Algebraic/Geometric Reasoning for Teachers, Beginning through College Algebra, Finite Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I & II, Discrete Mathematics I and Statistics I.  Students in mathematics courses not on this list are welcome to contact the coordinator at the email address given below to determine when tutoring could be made available for their course.  Services offered on a walk-in basis in a one-to-one or small group format include:

  • Help in understanding concepts
  • Problem-solving development
  • Graphing calculator instruction
  • Exam preparation

Click here for Math Center hours and access to handouts. For more information, contact Susan Hughes at (573) 875-7618 or e-mail: sdhughes@ccis.edu.

Other tutoring options may be available at your campus location. Please contact your campus for more information.

Stafford Library

Columbia College’s J.W. and Lois Stafford Library is located at the main campus and includes extensive electronic library holdings in support of the college’s curriculum. Stafford Library serves as the primary library for all campuses. The library is open more than 90 hours per week and librarians are available to provide assistance and answer questions by phone, email, chat or text. 

The library’s collection supports the curriculum of Columbia College with more than 60,000 physical items (books, videos, compact discs, etc.), 140 print magazine, journal, and newspaper titles, as well as more than 35,000 full-text electronic journals, 190,000 electronic books, 22,000 streaming videos and 119,000 streaming audio discs. All of the library’s electronic collections are accessible remotely 24 hours/day via the library website. Electronic delivery of inter-library loan articles is also available.

Click here for library hours. Hours are based on the main campus class schedule and are subject to change during breaks and holidays. Contact information: Telephone: (573) 875-7381 or (800) 231-2391 x7381; Email: library@ccis.eduor Website: http://library.ccis.edu.


Textbooks are required for all courses. In order to maximize student success, students should ensure their textbooks are in hand when classes begin.

Most Columbia College campuses, including Online, use the services of MBS Direct as the official textbook vendor to provide students a convenient way to order textbooks and other course material. Information needed for ordering includes your school name, campus location and complete course information, including course title.

Textbook information can also be found in the course syllabus. (Please refer to specific course syllabi rather than master syllabi.)  Note that textbooks used for online classes may differ from textbooks used for on-campus classes.

Online and Nationwide Campus students who have financial aid in place to cover the cost of books can request a book voucher by logging in to CougarTrack. Click on Academics from the Menu box and select the Book Voucher Request link under the Registration tab to complete the request form.

MBS Direct guarantees delivery of the correct books and will replace any defective or incorrect item. Columbia College is not responsible for any incorrect or late textbooks not purchased from MBS or another college-authorized supplier. To contact MBS Direct by telephone call (800) 325-3252.