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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policies Pertaining to Online and Nationwide

Online and Nationwide General Admission Policies

To be reviewed for admission to a nationwide or online location of Columbia College, students must:

1. Submit a completed application (www.ccis.edu/apply) and

2. Pay the non-refundable, one-time $35 application fee and

3. Authenticate identity (see Student Authentication section below) and

4. Provide proof of college readiness by presentation of any one of the following: 

  • Evidence of a valid High School diploma by submission of an unofficial High School transcript* or
  • Evidence of successful completion of the General Educational Development Test (GED) or
  • Evidence of a minimum of 6 credit hours of satisfactory college work by submission of unofficial college transcript.* (Non-credit courses, developmental courses, career and/or trade school credit does not satisfy this requirement).


*Official transcripts must be provided within 90 days of enrollment for further registration eligibility.

Please note: International student applications may have additional required documents & proof of English proficiency. Please see the International Student Admissions section for more information.

Applicants must submit completed applications by the application deadline indicated for each semester (see Admission Deadlines). Application deadlines will be firmly adhered to for all applicants regardless of status; fulltime, part-time or non-degree seeking. Columbia College reserves the right to randomly check any and all applications for a criminal history. Applicants with a felony or misdemeanor conviction must provide details regarding the crime(s). Applications serving academic or behavioral suspension from their previous institution must provide details regarding the suspension.

The College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant and to deny and/or rescind admission to any applicant who provides false or misleading information to the College.

RN to BSN Applicants:
The Columbia College online RN to BSN degree is designed to help registered professional nurses who hold an Associate Degree in Nursing obtain a baccalaureate degree without having to put their career on hold. Admission to the program will require Steps 1 - 3 above as well as the following:

  • A completed ASN or ADN from an accredited & accepted institution (transcript documenting degree completion must be provided)


  • A current unencumbered license as a registered professional nurse in the National Council of State Board of Nursing jurisdictions. 

Student Authentication

Students will be required to authenticate their identity prior to being reviewed for admission. A student with access to a Columbia College campus may show a government issued photo identification to a college staff member in order to authenticate their identity. Students who are not located near a campus will be required to authenticate their identity using a service provided by ProctorU, which has been established for online students or others, as designated by the college, to be able to authenticate their identity online. The authentication site for Columbia College can be accessed at www.proctoru.com/ccis. Students will need to click on the “Authenticate” tab at the top right portion of the page, setup a ProctorU account, and schedule an authentication session. The process can take from 15-30 minutes. You will need to have a government issued photo ID, student ID number, as well as access to a web cam available. To assist in navigation of the authentication process, a walk-through of the necessary steps is provided to guide you. Additional contact information is provided on the “Columbia College | ProctorU Student Authentication” page should you have issues at any step in the process. Once your authentication is complete Columbia College will receive notification from ProctorU and your student account will be updated accordingly.