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Graduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Graduate Catalog 2020-2021


All Campus Venues

Main Campus Graduate Only

CCG Graduate Only

Alumni Association

The Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA), founded in 1963, offers benefits, programs and activities to more than 91,000 members around the world. Its mission is to foster lasting relationships and to sustain the College’s traditions. Columbia College students become members of the CCAA upon graduation. There is no fee or registration process.

Career Services Center

The Grossnickle Career Services Center has trained personnel to assist students with all aspects of career planning and development. Specific services are designed to promote professional and personal success including a carefully guided assessment of students’ skills, abilities, values, achievements and interests which can aid in effective career planning. Additionally, the Career Center meets with students and alumni in person, over the telephone or electronically to advise on a broad range of topics from resume and cover letter preparation, job search techniques, interview practice, graduate school assistance and much more. Career Services can also assist students in locating and applying for internships as well as processing internships for credit for eligible students.

Columbia College offers a dynamic and easy-to-use online career management system called Handshake. This system is free to all students and alumni and will lists jobs and internships all throughout the country as well provides resources and information about hiring events.  Columbia College offers career assistance to all graduates and works to help students conduct successful job searches; however, employment upon program completion is not guaranteed. For more information contact the Grossnickle Career Services Center or visit our website at www.ccis.edu/careercenter.

Computer Purchase

Students who anticipate buying a computer for use at college are encouraged to purchase a standard laptop model through the Columbia College website, http://www.dell.com/ccis.


CougarTrack allows students access to CougarMail (the official means of communication for the college) and to their Columbia College records via the internet. Students may view their Columbia College transcripts, grades, student schedules, and more. Enrollment processes, to include registration and adding and dropping classes, are also available through CougarTrack. Once students have completed an enrollment process online, an e-mail confirmation of their activity is sent, which should be reviewed carefully for accuracy.

E-mail, Internet Access and Anti-Virus Software

Students are assigned e-mail accounts for all college-related communications. Students must authenticate their accounts using their student ID number at: http://accounts.ccis.edu. Students may access CougarMail by logging in to CougarTrack or at the Gmail login page. Be sure to enter your full email address and your CougarTrack password. CougarMail is a free service to all students and is a lifetime account for graduates. Internet access is available to students for use as a resource in the student computer lab and lab classrooms, Stafford Library and the residence halls. A wireless network is available for laptop and portable/mobile devices. Students using computers on the College network must have the latest version of anti-virus software. Registered students are eligible for free Microsoft Office 365. A link to free Microsoft Office 365 and anti-virus software is available in CougarTrack, under Help-Technology Solutions Center.

Enrollment Service Center

The Enrollment Service Center is the one-stop for financial aid, bill payment, and registration inquiries. Click here for office hours and contact information.

Honor Societies

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is a national education honorary society. Eligibility for membership requires enrollment in an institution offering an education degree and having the intent to continue academically and professionally in the field of education; demonstration of leadership attributes and evidence of completion of a bachelor’s degree in education with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2.

Sigma Beta Delta

Sigma Beta Delta is an international honor society in business, management, and administration. Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their location, pursuing a business degree with Columbia College. The criteria for graduate membership is completion of 15 hours of coursework and be in the top 20 percent of their class with a minimum GPA of 3.50.


The J.W. and Lois Stafford Library, located at the main campus, provides a place for students to study individually or in groups and includes extensive electronic holdings in support of the college’s curriculum. Stafford Library serves as the primary library for all locations and is open more than 90 hours a week with librarians available to provide assistance and answer questions at all times for persons visiting the library or by phone, e-mail, chat or text. Library instruction is provided to individuals or to classes. The library classroom is used for group study and library instruction. Computers, wireless printer, scanner and copy machines are available for student use.

The library’s collection supports the curriculum of Columbia College with more than 64,000 physical items (books, videos, compact discs, etc.), 100 print magazine, journal, and newspaper titles, as well as more than 160,000 full-text electronic journals, 212,000 electronic books, 38,000 streaming videos and 149,000 streaming audio discs. All of the library’s electronic collections are accessible remotely 24 hours/day via the library website. Electronic delivery of inter-library loan articles is also available.

Columbia College is a member of the MOBIUS Consortium. This membership provides Columbia College students taking classes at a Missouri location or residing in Missouri access to more than 29 million items in more than 77 academic, special or public libraries. Students can borrow books by using the MOBIUS online catalog or visiting a participating library.

Click here for library hours. Hours are subject to change when classes are not in session and during holidays.

Contact Information:

Phone: (573) 875-7381, (800) 231-2391 x7381

E-mail: library@ccis.eduhttps://library.ccis.edu/

Student Accessibility Resources

Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) leads the campus in the creation of inclusive learning environments and facilitates access through innovative services, programs, and partnerships. Disability is an aspect of diversity that is integral to our society and to the Columbia College community.  The SAR office collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create a campus environment that is usable, equitable, sustainable and inclusive of all members of the college community.

After admission to the college, students who want to explore reasonable academic accommodations are encouraged to contact SAR to explore the possibilities and options without feeling a need to commit to utilizing any resources. 

Student Accessibility Resources can be reached at (573) 875-7626 or by emailing SAR@ccis.edu. The office is located in the Student Affairs suite on the second floor of Atkins-Holman Student Commons. For more information please visit Student Accessibility Resources .

Technology Solutions Center

The Technology Solutions Center is available to students via phone or face-to-face. Help desk analysts are available to assist students with Internet connectivity and telephone issues in the residence halls, issues with accessing CougarMail and CougarTrack, or other Columbia College owned systems. Please click here for Technology Services hours of operation.

Main Campus Graduate Only


The Campus bookstore, located on the main floor of the Student Commons, carries a wide range of clothing, snacks, and school supplies. If taking undergraudate classes at our traditional campus in Columbia, or are taking nursing courses at the Lake of the Ozarks location textbooks are available from Barnes and Noble. New, used and select titles are available for rent and digitally. Textbook refunds are based on the policies listed below. No refund will be issued without a valid receipt for all textbooks. Textbooks must be in the original condition.

The Bookstore hours are posted on the Bookstore door; on their website and available via phone greeting.

Contact Information:  
Address: Columbia College Bookstore
Atkins-Holman Student Commons
1009 Rogers Street
Columbia, MO 65216
Phone: (573) 875-7341
FAX: (573) 442-0747
E-mail: ccis@bkstore.com
Website: http://ccis.bncollege.com

Refund Policy:

For all courses a full refund will be given with a receipt if the textbook is returned within the first week of classes.

  • Textbooks must be in original condition, including all components in packages.
  • Merchandise other than textbooks may be refunded with a valid receipt within thirty days.
  • Merchandise must be in original condition, unopened with tags.
  • Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment.
  • The textbook buyback period is during finals week. This is the best time to sell back textbooks.
  • TI-83 or TI-84 calculators will not be considered for buyback.

Computer Classrooms

Technology Services maintains two instructional use classrooms in Buchanan Hall. Classes using computing resources, such as English, Computer Programming and Accounting are conducted in these facilities. Students may complete assignments outside of class using the computer resources in the Student Computer Lab. An instructional lab is also available in the Tenth Street Center and in Federal Hall.

Counseling Services (Wellness, Health & Counseling Services)

Counseling Services is located on the second floor of the Atkins-Holman Student Commons (AHSC, Room 210). In Columbia, confidential counseling is provided free of charge by licensed professionals to assist students with personal, developmental, or psychological concerns related to personal growth and making academic progress. Students use our services to seek assistance with matters such as anxiety/panic, test anxiety, depression, stress and time management, developing healthy relationships, sleep issues, conflict resolution, grief, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, attention difficulties, and more. Counseling Services is a confidential resource for dating violence, domestic violence, sexual violence and harassment. Our office also provides referrals to community resources when appropriate. For additional information and online resources, see the counseling services webpage: www.ccis.edu/counselingservices. Appointments are available Monday - Friday; to make an appointment please call 573-875-7423.

Student Computer Lab

Technology Services maintains the Buchanan Hall Student Computer Lab, equipped with computers, scanners, and monochrome and color high speed laser printers. It is available to currently enrolled students on a walk-in basis and offers extended hours. Software used in classroom instruction is available to students, and e-mail and Internet access is also provided.

The Student Computer Lab multi-media room is equipped with three computers: two Dell and one Apple, a color printer, a black and white printer, and scanners. These computers have video and photo editing software installed. This room is available for group study.

Tenth Street Center offers an open lab with computers and high speed laser printers during various hours.

The Technology Solutions Center has digital cameras and digital video cameras available for check out. Cameras may be checked out for a period of 24 hours. For more information about camera checkouts, contact the Technology Solutions Center at (573) 875-4357.

Parking Permits

Students who park on campus in Columbia, MO are required to have a parking permit. Parking is free and the permit must be displayed in the vehicle. Parking permits can be ordered online at CCIS.edu/ParkingPermits. Log in to your CougarTrack account to complete the form with the vehicle registration information including vehicle, make, model, year, color and license plate number. All parking permits will be mailed. Contact the Enrollment Service Center at (573) 875-7252 for more information.


The AHSC Commons, Southwell Sports Complex, Gene and Fran Koepke Fitness Center, common areas and residence hall lounges are available for a variety of recreational activities. The Fitness Center is located in Southy Building. It includes free weights, machine weights and cardio equipment. The courts at Southwell Sports Complex are available for basketball, tennis and volleyball. Other college facilities, such as Launer Auditorium, the Jane Froman Dance Studio, classrooms, Dulany Hall and the AHSC Commons are available upon approval to any officially recognized student organization for meetings and programs. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. More information is available in the Plant and Facilities Office. Please click here for Gene and Fran Koepke Fitness Center hours of operation.

Recreational areas within the immediate region include Cosmo Park, Peace Park, Pinnacles Park, Arrow Rock and Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. The Lake of the Ozarks, a major tourist area, is sixty miles south of Columbia. St. Louis and Kansas City are each 125 miles from Columbia on Interstate 70.

Student Health Services (Wellness, Health & Counseling Services)

Student Health Services is located on the second floor of the Atkins-Holman Student Commons (AHSC, Room 206). Health services are available to day and evening students. Student Health Services strives to provide students of Columbia College with excellent high-quality medical care that promotes student health and academic success in a non-discriminatory and supportive atmosphere. It is staffed by a board certified advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). The nurse practitioner provides a wide range of health care services including diagnosis and treatment of most acute illnesses or minor injuries. Medical care and most services are free to students. Some fees may apply for testing and injections. Appointments are preferred and are available Monday - Friday. Students may schedule appointments on the student health portal, accessed through student links on CougarTrack or call 573-875-7423. For more information refer to the Student Health Services Website: www.ccis.edu/studenthealthservices.

Elizabeth Toomey Seabrook Writing Center

The Elizabeth Toomey Seabrook Writing Center, located in 101 Wightman, provides free services to help students enrolled at Columbia College develop and maintain writing skills needed for academic success. These services are offered by appointment to current students who can come to the center for face-to-face writing consultations. Students can get help with:

  • Brainstorming ideas and developing a thesis
  • Adding depth to analysis and organizing an essay
  • Revising and editing
  • Avoiding plagiarism and mastering various citation styles

Click here for Writing Center hours and essay writing assistance. For more information, contact Kate Denehy at (573) 875-7614 or mcdenehy@ccis.edu.

CCG Graduate Only


Textbook Policy

Columbia College (“College”) students have different options to access textbooks each semester as described in this policy. In addition, students are informed of their options to access textbooks in the College Catalog and on the College’s website. 

The options for students to access textbooks vary depending on the venue of their courses (i.e., Traditional vs. Nontraditional). Many students who receive federal financial aid can apply available aid to purchase textbooks through the last day to add classes; however, students must be awarded financial aid before they can utilize the financial aid funds for textbook purchases.  

In all cases, students are required to have the required textbooks for the start of each course and failure to do so may impact their ability to satisfactorily complete coursework.

I. Columbia College Nontraditional Venue Textbook Program  

As part of the cost of tuition, the College provides textbooks for undergraduate and graduate courses offered at CC Global (i.e., nontraditional venues). Most textbooks for CC Global courses are digital textbooks that students have access to through the College’s learning management system no later than the Friday before the course begins, or within 24 hours of registration being finalized for the course if the student registers after the Friday before the course start date. In the event a digital textbook is not available, a printed copy of the textbook will be provided to the student. The printed textbook will be shipped to the student at least seven days before the course start date, or within 24 hours of registration being finalized for the course, should the student register within 13 days of the course start date. 

Nontraditional venue students who also simultaneously enroll in a traditional venue course will follow the nontraditional venue textbook program for nontraditional venue courses. 

         A. Opting In 

By default, all eligible students taking a course through CC Global will be enrolled in the nontraditional venue textbook program for that course.  This program is not available to Traditional “Day” students. A student who opts out of the nontraditional venue textbook program, but who would like to reenroll in the program will have the opportunity to opt in at the beginning of each academic year. Students who desire to opt back in to the nontraditional venue textbook program at a time other than the beginning of an academic year may appeal to the Enrollment Services Center. Students are allowed one appeal and whether to grant the appeal is entirely at the discretion of the College. Students who receive textbooks as part of their tuition do not have to submit a request for a textbook voucher to receive the required textbooks for courses.  

         B. Opting Out 

CC Global students may elect to opt out of the nontraditional venue textbook program by communicating this intent to their academic advisor and by submitting a completed Textbook Program Opt-out form before enrolling in courses at the College for the semester. After communicating intent to opt out to their academic advisor, the student will receive an email from the academic advisor with a link to the opt out form. Opting out of receiving textbooks through the nontraditional venue textbook program applies to all courses for which the student registers after opting out. Once a student registers for at least one course for the semester, the next opportunity to opt out is before registering for the following semester. Students who opt out will receive a $20 per credit hour reduction on their student account and will be responsible for obtaining all required textbooks and required materials on their own. Students receiving Military Tuition Assistance who opt out of the Textbook Program will not receive a $20 per credit hour reduction on their student account because their textbook cost is in addition to tuition and covered by a $20 per credit hour institutional grant. Students who receive reduced tuition rates pursuant to the College’s Employee Educational Grant or Graduate Education Grant and opt out will not be charged $20 per credit hour for the nontraditional venue textbook program regardless of their tuition reduction amount; these students who opt out of the nontraditional venue textbook program are responsible for purchasing required materials on their own.