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Graduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Graduate Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Advising and Registration


Graduate students enroll for course work prior to the beginning of each session. Post-baccalaureate students are allowed to register for undergraduate courses during the registration period for seniors. Late registrations are accepted through the add period for each graduate session. Six eight-week sessions are offered each year.

Students may register online, at their location, or in the Enrollment Services Center.

Students who are fully admitted to a graduate degree program or with written permission from the respective graduate program advisor may be eligible to enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses for which they have met the prerequisites. Students may enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses within the same session or semester; however, financial aid may be affected.


Students are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisor. The importance of the advisor/advisee relationship cannot be overemphasized.

Academic Load Policy

Students may take a maximum of six graduate credit hours per eight-week session. Students who desire to enroll in more than six graduate hours per session must obtain permission from the Dean of the student’s School. Enrollment status is measured over a 16-week semester and includes all semester credits for that period of time. Enrollment status for graduate students is defined as:

Full-time 6 graduate credit hours per semester
Half-time 3 - 5.9 graduate credit hours per semester
Less than Half-time Below 3 graduate credit hours per semester

MAT Post-Baccalaureate students may enroll in up to 18 semester hours of coursework per 16 week semester (not to exceed six hours of graduate coursework in any eight-week session).

Students desiring to take a course from a department outside the one to which they were admitted must obtain permission from the Chair of the Department for that course.


Graduate students have the ability to register online through CougarTrack. Students should log into CougarTrack and click on the appropriate registration link. 

If an error message is received during any part of the registration process, make a note of the contents of the message and contact the Enrollment Service Center during normal business hours. Students who have trouble logging into CougarTrack should contact the Help Desk.

Adding a Course

Graduate students may add courses through Wednesday of the first week of the session. Forms are available in the Enrollment Services Center or courses may be added online through CougarTrack. Courses are added to the student’s schedules if space is available.

Dropping a Course

Graduate students may drop courses without academic record and financial liability through the first business day of the second week of the session. Drop forms are available in the Enrollment Services Center, or courses may be dropped online through CougarTrack.

Audit a Course

Students who wish to audit graduate courses must be properly admitted to the graduate program and complete the Course Audit Information and Request Form.

Students may audit a regularly scheduled class for no grade and no credit; however, participation in the course is noted on their official records. Acceptable performance and attendance is defined by all instructors of the course. Audit enrollments do not fulfill requirements for course work for degree completion or financial aid awards.