Jul 13, 2020  
Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 
Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Program Information

Change in Degree Program

A student who wishes to pursue a graduate degree or program other than the one originally sought should contact the Admissions Office to determine whether additional materials need to be submitted.

Second Degrees

A student who desires a second master’s degree from Columbia College may receive a maximum of 9 hours credit from the first degree toward the second degree, if the credit is deemed applicable by the academic department in which the second degree is sought. All other requirements for the second degree, including the culminating experience, must be completed. If you completed a master’s degree at Columbia College and you would like to return to pursue one of the master’s degree tracks, please contact the Graduate Studies Office.

Focused Academic Sequence: Baccalaureate or Graduate

A Focused Academic Sequence (FAS) can be developed and implemented to quickly and effectively respond to a student’s specific needs. Any student may request an FAS to meet any baccalaureate or graduate academic need for which there is no present academic degree, major, minor, concentration, emphasis or endorsement.

In a formal business memorandum, addressed to the academic department chair(s), and jointly signed by the student and the faculty member working with the student, an FAS must be requested. An FAS request, taking the form of a specific educational objective, or objectives, and specification of the completed coursework necessary for meeting the objective, or objectives, must be approved by the department chair(s) of the department(s) in which the coursework is to be completed. The chair of the academic department in which the student is pursuing an academic major is responsible for monitoring the student’s FAS progress, and for notifying the Executive Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs when the FAS has been completed and a letter of completion is justified. The Executive Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs issues the “Letter of Completion” and authorizes the Student Records Office to enter notice of the letter in the student’s academic transcript.

Changing Campus Location (Campus Transfer)

Students can change their Columbia College campus location as an applicant or a current student at any time. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor at your current location prior to changing locations. Admissions requirements, tuition, and financial aid vary between campus locations. By meeting with an advisor, you will be able to make an informed decision prior to changing locations.

If you are a current student and wish to officially change your campus location, please log in to your CougarTrack account. Use the “Applicants” drop down menu to find and highlight “My Information”. Select the “Change of Campus” form. Indicate your new desired campus location as well as the session that you would like to start taking courses at the new campus location. Before a student is allowed to register for classes to the new campus location, he or she must meet with their academic advisor at the new campus location.

If you are an applicant and are not currently enrolled, please contact your desired campus location and request that they update your campus location on your application. (Note that this process cannot be completed by logging into your application and changing the campus location.)