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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic and Administrative Policies, Regulations and Procedures

Advising and Registration  

Academic Load, Advising, Cooperative Cross-Enrollment, Curriculum Requirements, Directed Study, Overload, Registration Policies

Academic Calendar 

Academic dates specific to each term

Academic Program Information  

Academic Departments, Associate Degree Requirements, Baccalaureate Degree Requirements, Changing Campus Location, Day Campus Course Rotation Schedules, Declaration of Major, Double Major, Dual Degrees, Foreign Language Requirement, General Education Requirement, Multicultural Requirement, Writing Intensive Requirement

Academic Honors  

Honors Program, Awards Convocation, Dean’s List, Graduation Honors, Baccalaureate Degrees with Distinction, The Presidential Award

Evaluation of Credit and Testing  

Credit for Prior Learning, General Education Waiver Policy, Institutional Credit, Military Credit, Transcripts/Transfer Documents

Grading and Academic Standing  

Assessment, Attendance and Lack of Effort Policies, Classification, Change of Grade, Course Audit, Good Academic Standing, Grade Point Average, Grades and Notations, Grading System, Grade Appeal, Pass/Fail, Incomplete Coursework, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal and Readmisson, Repeating a Course, Withdrawal

Degree Completion and Commencement  

Catalog Changes and Time Limit for Completing Degree, Candidacy for Degree, Graduation Requirements, Main Campus Commencement Ceremony Participation, Virtual Commencement

Online Courses and Scheduling Options  

Online Education, Course Format, Day Student Enrollment in Online, Evening or Nationwide Courses


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Student Academic Record

It is imperative for daily operations that the College maintain accurate contact information on all students. It is the responsibility of the student to notify a college official by submission of the Columbia College Change of Address Form regarding any discrepancies or changes to his or her contact information. This includes preferred mailing address and any and all telephone numbers. Students may also update their contact information in CougarTrack.

The College maintains permanent records showing the progress of each student. Student records indicate the rates at which he or she is progressing, final grades in each subject for each semester or session, withdrawals from courses and re-enrollments in subjects from which he or she had previously withdrawn.

The College maintains records through the last date of attendance or the effective date of their unofficial withdrawal.

Columbia College transcripts of permanent student records are confidential and cannot be released to anyone, except Columbia College instructors and officials, without the written permission from the student. Columbia College accepts transcript requests via mail, fax or in person. All requests must include the signature of the student whose record is being released. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order or credit card. The transcript fee is $10 per transcript (fee subject to change without notice).

Requests must include the student’s full name, maiden or former name if applicable, dates of attendance, ID or SSN, birth date, the student’s current address and phone number, the address where the transcript should be sent, the number of copies to be issued and the payment. Transcript Request Forms are available on the Columbia College website. A student’s current account balance must be clear prior to the release of the transcript.