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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, B.A. (Day)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Art at Columbia College is designed to provide students with training in techniques and theory in a broad spectrum of disciplines. Students will also receive a background in the history and criticism of art. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Art complete 39-42 semester hours of general education requirements, including PHIL 330: Ethics, three hours of a multicultural requirement and six hours of a foreign language requirement. In addition, candidates complete a minimum of 60 semester hours in art. Students desiring to complete a minor such as Art History, Studio Art, Ceramics, Jewelry, Graphic Design, Photography, or Music may need to take additional semester hours.

General Education Requirements(39-42 sem. hrs)

For a complete list of general education courses click here  . For additional information on general education requirements click here  .

Ethics Course Requirement(3 sem. hrs)

Foreign Language Requirement(6 sem. hrs)

For information on how to fulfill the foreign language requirement click here  .

Multicultural Requirement(3 sem. hrs)

All courses that meet this requirement can be found here  .

A Minimum of 60 Semester Hours in Art

60 semester hours in the following specific courses:

Art Electives(15 sem. hrs)

Fifteen semester hours in elective studio art courses, all of which must be upper-level, and cannot apply to Core Requirement. Complete nine hours of any courses designated Art Studio.

Other Electives(10-13 sem. hrs)

Final Evaluation

Completion of a final evaluation by satisfactorily passing ARTS 496 - Senior Portfolio 3 hours , a course designed to assess the outcomes of the major.

Total: 120 (sem. hrs)

The total reflects the minimum number of hours to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Some courses listed above may fulfill more than one requirement block. Please speak to your academic advisor to plan your specific degree path.


ARTS 111: Arts & Ideas I meets Multicultural graduation requirement.

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